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Make sure to hire the best outdoor kitchen contractor Tulsa in your area. We know that finding and choosing the right construction company you can trust within Tulsa is critical. They help you turn your ideas into reality, so they must value the quality of their work and the outcome of the projects. Therefore, with our knowledge in craftsmanship and architecture combined with our desire to always give the best service, Blue Collar Construction, LLC will not disappoint. Let us guide you in how you can use your outdoor space in a way that is convenient for you. 

Our team of experienced landscape designers, as well as skilled craftsmen, has always been willing to put all their efforts into building a better home for you. From the materials used, design, and construction process, we guarantee pleasing results.

Why You Need an Outdoor Kitchen

Your love for cooking does not include the hassle it gives when heat and smell fills your home. This is where the convenience of having an outdoor kitchen comes in place. Having an outdoor kitchen installed will allow you to cook and grill as much as you want while keeping the smell outside your indoor space. It is also very ideal for house parties or events where someone in your family can show off their cooking skills.

When you choose to work with us, we will serve as your guide throughout the initial planning up to the construction itself. Outdoor kitchen services include: 

On-site consultation

Contact us and let us know where you are, and let’s have a look at your property. This is for free, so you don’t have to worry!

Decide on design

We’ll discuss all the goals and specific requests you want to achieve in the design, determining what you will use it for the most. Here we merge the importance of visual elements as well as the effectiveness of the kitchen.

The Building Process

After planning for the design, the construction process will begin. Since this is the most crucial part of this project, we let you pick the materials that will be used.

When hiring an outdoor kitchen company, remember that they should always work closely with you throughout the design stage. They should know what you want to achieve. That’s what our professionals at Blue Collar Construction keep in mind. 

Some clients like you want to match their home aesthetic to the design of their outdoor kitchen, making it look more like an extension of the house even when it’s outside. We can match this by using similar materials and architecture. Whatever it is you want, Blue Collar Construction can help you.

Whether you want to use granite for your countertops or polymer on your cabinets, you can trust us to build your project for you. Our experience with this kind of project manifest in the way we do our work. We check every little detail, including the electrical wiring, space and gas lines because your safety is what we should care the most for. We can make sure to give you the most durable and functional outdoor kitchen you can have!

Choose Your Kitchen Amenities

Depending on how you want your outdoor kitchen to function, we can easily customize it for you. You can count on us on installing amenities in your kitchen that you will make great use of. 

Here are some of the most common elements you can add to your outdoor kitchen:

Built-In Grill

This is commonly added to any outdoor kitchens since grilling outside is always the way to go. We determine the safest place to incorporate your grill.

Cabinets & Storage Spaces

Another commonly added element in kitchens are cabinets and storage spaces. This will be your solution in storing things that might not fit in your indoor door kitchen. Again, we allow you to pick the materials of your choice depending on how you want it to look and how long you want it to last.


This is a smart addition to your outdoor kitchen since it maintains low cooking temperatures in a smoky cooking session. Ideal for grilling or barbecue.

Get Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re wanting to install an outdoor kitchen in your home in Tulsa, then Blue Collar Construction LLC is the right outdoor kitchen contractor Tulsa to turn to. Contact us and let us install and help you design through our expertise. We serve in Oklahoma, Tulsa Metro areas including Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Catoosa, Coweta, Glenpool, Sand Springs & Owasso.

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