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Searching for the most trusted fence company Tulsa OK? Blue Collar Construction, LLC is here.

Blue Collar Construction, LLC is run by a team of experts in fence, deck, and other general construction jobs for your home or commercial property! We have passionate workers who are specifically assigned on each project needs! 

We know that security and privacy is our top priority, but we don’t set aside being creative too! That’s why in Blue Collar Construction, LLC, we always check your needs first! Here’s what we’ll do when we work together:

On-site consultation

Contact us and let us know where you are, and let’s have a look at your property. This is for free, so you don’t have to worry!

Decide on fence design

Once we meet and decide to work on, we’ll provide you with options. We create a contract and put everything into writing. What you need and want from the materials, timeline, until the end!

The Building Process

Let us do the work for you! You’ll just need to relax! We have our team who’ll do the job from digging to layouting or staining your fence!

Enjoy your new Fence in Tulsa, OK! The last part is, of course, you’ve got to enjoy the privacy of your family or any property! 

Now you may ask, do you have insurance and licenses? Don’t worry, because yes, we have a licence and insurance. Plus we also offer a warranty in case there are cracks, chips, or peeling right after the construction. Because in Blue Collar Construction, LLC, we ensure the quality, beauty, and your satisfaction! 

tulsa fencing contractors

Benefits of Having an Expert-built Fence

Maybe you are here because you already know what fence is and what it’s for. But in case you’re wondering and still not convinced why you need one, here are the reasons:


We guess, you don’t want anyone entering your yard without permission. Or maybe any uninvited sheep or cow if you’re in a valley or slightly sloped hill?


You love your neighbors, but you want to have some privacy while doing some chores outside or bonding with your kids, running just around the garden, or maybe while enjoying your pool.

Increased Property Value

Not only security, it also gives beauty on your home, and increases resale value in case you have a plan of selling it!

Choose the Type of Fence You Need

Maybe you are here because you already know what fence is and what it’s for. But in case you’re wondering and still not convinced why you need one, here are the reasons:

Wood Fencing

Nothing can beat the classic wood fence. This is the most popular fencing around Tulsa OK and the whole America. It provides a warm and welcoming vibe with just enough fence height. Wood fence is also flexible. You can use it for your backyard, your pool, in your HOA neighborhood, or in your apartment.

Ornamental/Iron Fencing

Do you have a funky home design? Then you can have iron fencing. This is sturdy and stable and only needs maintenance via repainting every two to three years. You can also apply wrought iron in sidewalks, parking lot, HOA fence, school, warehouse, sports complex, industrial, power utility, and many more!

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link is also usually called the basic “building block” of a perimeter security. It is cheap, simple, and typically finished with Zinc Galvanized or Vinyl-coated Colored and barbed wire. 

Homeowners also love this because it’s open and you can easily see what’s happening around. What they do is to add shrubs, flowers, or vines, outside the chain to add some beauty and creativity.

Farm Fencing

Or you probably have a large farm? If you want to protect the whole property and don’t want all your farm animals go anywhere they want, then you can also contact us! We can also provide a fence for your farm needs!

Choose the type, the color, height, and we’re good to go!

Ready to protect your property?

Your property protection should not be neglected! Contact us, and let’s see the best that we can do! 

Not needing fencing right now? We can also do deck building, kitchen, and home remodeling. Just don’t forget to see below contacts and we’ll get in touch with you right away! Hope to protect your property soon! 

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