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Blue Collar Construction, LLC is the most trusted deck builder in Tulsa. So if you’re looking for a group of a handyman who can build it for you beautifully and with high-quality, you can always count on us! We have skilled and dedicated members assigned on every project.

We understand that you love a beautiful deck; a part of the home where you can relax after work, a gathering place for the whole family, for a barbecue party, or even in just an ordinary day in an affordable budget. That’s why we in Blue Collar Construction, LLC, we make sure that we meet halfway. We listen to what you want, and we discuss the best that we can do! 

We also prioritize having a good partnership, so when you work with us, we will be transparent with each other. We will create an overall plan so you can have the overview; may it be on the materials and it’s pros and cons, the timetable, estimated cost, payment method, and all concerns. Blue Collar Construction, LLC have the licenses and insurances to ensure that our work is safe from start to finish.

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Choose Your Deck Design

Whatever you like or the purpose of your deck, Blue Collar Construction, LLC always makes it possible. You can choose from a wide variety of options that we can do for your property space.


If you want an extension of your living room, you can always consider an attached deck. It’s like a patio, an extended space on your L or U-shaped home and is always roofed.

Detached/ Island

When you want to create a different vibe, a few steps away from your home, consider a detached deck. You can choose wherever part of your outdoor this can be. May it be near the garden or on a sloped corner to enjoy the view. We can connect it to your main house via the walkway.


Now you want an old-fashioned porch? You can consider a wraparound. Create a shady place and a spacious veranda extension. Drink a cup of tea in the winter. Read a book with some blankets or have a peaceful breakfast spot. The wraparound deck is spacious since it wraps the whole house (from either left to right) and is also roofed.


If you have a large property in a hill and slope landscape, we can create a multi-level deck. This is a two to three deck elevation connected with a walkway. You can enjoy different views from different angles.


Adding a pool deck is always a good option. Aside from making the area safe and slip-resistant, it won’t hurt your family’s feet on a scorchy summer! This can also serve as your lounge area while watching your kids swim!

Outdoor Dining Deck

Or maybe wanted an extension of your dining? Then, we can create an outdoor dining deck where you can include a grill, counter, maybe a bar space, and a long buffet table on your family reunion.

Rooftop/ Over-garage

Want a more modern and creative garage in your urban space? Then a rooftop deck can be good for you! Adding aesthetics and saves so much space!


Yes, we know that you could already have your existing deck and just wanted to tweak it. We can also do it for you. Whether you want a more modern, or a serene, or make it more spacious, we can adjust and remodel it.

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Choose Your Materials

Now, you may ask, what are the materials that can be used? At Blue Collar Construction, you can have the material of your choice as long as it’s feasible. Don’t worry, it’s always been a part of our discussion. Here are your possible options:

Pressure-treated lumber

This is the number one decking material, available coast to coast, affordable, and easy to use. This material is mostly milled from southern yellow pine, and chemically treated to resist rot, fungus and became more durable.


If you want to have durable colored material and more attractive, Cedar can be your option. It’s resin-free and can easily hold different stains and bleaches, resulting in a beautiful finish. This is more affordable than composites.

Tropical Hardwoods

Tropical Hardwoods are extremely hard, durable, and naturally resistant to insects and rot. Several examples are Cumaru, Tigerwood, Ipe, and Philippine Mahogany. This is more costly than PT lumber but comparable to Cedar.


In contrary to Tropical Hardwoods, Composites are made up of wood fiber and recycled plastics. Many also want this option because it’s low maintenance, no sanding needed or stained.

We know that these are only a few, but we can discuss other details in hand when we meet and start your deck project in Tulsa OK.

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