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Hire the most credible Bixby Home Builders in Oklahoma. Here at Blue Collar Construction, LLC, we are certain to give nothing but the best service to help you achieve the home of your dreams. A right construction company should know how to work and communicate effectively with their clients. Therefore, with our knowledge in craftsmanship and architecture, we turn your visions into reality. 

Our team of experienced landscape designers, as well as skilled craftsmen, has always been willing to put all their efforts into building a better home for you. With this skill and passion to serve, the materials we use also ensure the best results for your home project. And that’s why we are the #1 rated home builder in Bixby OK.

We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction and our effectiveness in this field. Feel free to talk with us whenever you are ready so you can be one of the satisfied homeowners that worked with us in Tulsa.

Bixby Home Builders

Home Remodeling Services in Bixby, Oklahoma

Here at Blue Collar Construction, we offer a selection of services ideal for your home remodeling project. Whatever it is you want to install or change, let us help you with it.

Outdoor Kitchen

First to our services in an Outdoor Kitchen. Perfect for grilling or any other cooking activity that produces excessive smoke and foul odor that will surround your home in an indoor kitchen. With an outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to worry about the unwanted smell and heat getting trapped in your house. 

First, we work closely with you throughout the designing stage. Because we must know what you want to achieve. We’ll discuss all the goals and specific requests you want to achieve in the design, determining what you will use it for the most. Here we merge the importance of visual elements as well as the effectiveness of the kitchen.

After planning for the design, the construction process will begin. Since this is the most crucial part of this project, we let you pick the materials that will be used. whatever material you pick, you can trust us to build a durable and functional kitchen that’s perfect for you. Our experience with this kind of project manifest in the way we do our work. 

We check every little detail, including the electrical wiring, space and gas lines because your safety is what we should care the most for. We can make sure to give you the most durable and functional outdoor kitchen you can have!

Outdoor Living

It is noticeable that outdoor living spaces are starting to become more and more popular in the area of home building. The sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance it gives to the entirety of the house appeals to homeowners like you. But it is also worth mentioning the comfort this room offers. Some say that there’s nothing worth comparing to a warm morning spent in an outdoor living room. It also gives the members of the household more entertainment options. 

Are you already planning an Outdoor Living Room?

Outdoor Fireplaces

This might be the most common use of outdoor space but it certainly does not lose the homey and comforting vibe that it gives to the home. Provided with sitting areas where you can hold meetings and close family gatherings. You can also add billiard tables and Televisions for entertainment purposes.

Outdoor Dining Space

To fully complete your outdoor living experience, bring the dining room outside too. This is another great place to welcome your guests allowing them to feel at home and breathe fresh air at the same time.

Patio & Sitting Walls

Perfect for a summer party, allow your family and friends to enjoy the sun and the warm breeze. This area will make anyone want to come over. The addition of areas like this in your house promotes quality time with the members of your household. It also helps you get sunlight without really going somewhere else because you are still home. We make sure as landscape experts to offer our clients the best home experience.

Fence Building

Some might think that the fence is considered a minor exterior home detail, but it is indeed the minor details that count. It does not only provide great aesthetic but also allows you to have more privacy. 

You can contact us to be your professional fence builder. In this service, we communicate with you in every aspect, whether it’s the style of the fence, material, property line, etc. We work depending on how you want the fence to be while recommending things that will increase the quality of the finished project. At Blue Collar Construction, LLC, we use a variety of fencing materials you can choose from. We have vinyl, wood, concrete, and other hard substrates. With these materials and our skills, we can confidently build a fence for your home that will last and useful.

Deck Building

Our deck builders  can cater to whatever it is you want to achieve. Maybe you want it as a part of your garden landscape or to just extend your living space, we can help you. Decks are commonly built with woods like cedar and redwood. But we can also give you other options depending on how you want your deck to function.

You can freely control the level of your deck and how you want the railings to be while leaving the actual work to us. By working together, we can customize the best home for your lifestyle.

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